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In this 1993 DOOM modification, I create an intimate experience full of tiny interactions and surprises. It is a fully hand-drawn, wholesome environment in which the player waters flowers, pets their dog, and wanders around in nature.

It was extremely interesting for me to create something so feminine and gentle out of a game so masculine and violent. I realized that what I was creating became so much more than just a wholesome environment. I was modifying death animations so that when you water a flower "enemy" with your watering can "weapon," the flower starts to dance rather than die. Or the dog, a modification of the demon, goofily wobbles around and follows you out of a need for love rather than out of a desire to kill.

You have two ways of interacting with the space, a watering can, and your hands! Try interacting with various objects and I hope you enjoy all the little surprises in this small, intimate little world.

CategoryGame mod
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Tagsartgame, Colorful, Cozy, Cute, Minimalist, Relaxing, Retro, Singleplayer, Slice Of Life, Walking simulator


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that frog is cute as hell !

Haha, thank you!! 


Is this mod specific to a source port like GZDoom, or should I be able to run it in Vanilla/Chocolate? I'm having the hardest time loading it into the latter right now. D:

Okay, found out I needed GZDoom, which I didn't realise because the only place that seems to state as such is the download page here, and I got this WAD from Doomworld. >.<

oh gosh yes so sorry about that! It won’t run in Chocolate / Vanilla Doom. I’ll be sure to make that more clear in my text file on Doom World! Thanks so much for downloading! :)